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YPF Vetting process starts with a request from a commercial department within YPF or the request of any shipowner interested in getting a ship inspected.

Online vetting form must be duly filled in (corresponding documentation must be submitted also).

Vetting department will perform a preliminary inspection based on the information and files received.

Request vetting inspection: depending on the case, an inspection will be requested.

However, any company/owner interested in getting a particular vessel being inspected, must submit, well in advance, a written formal request by e-mail to: 

Once the inspection is confirmed by YPF Vetting, please fill in the online vetting form.​​​

Conditions of inspections:

Once the questionnaire and vetting inspection request have been received, YPF Vetting department will confirm to the shipowner the possibility of performing the inspection and will provide the name of the appointed inspector. The cost of the inspection will be always for owner's account.

The cost and banking detailes will also be informed in order to process payment. In case the requested inspection requires the inspector to travel outside his residence, the shipowner will support travelling expenses: transportation, logging, accomodation, etc. Physical inspections will preferably be performed during discharging operation. Inspection will only take place during daylight hours.