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Board of Directors


The Board of Directors assumes the administration of the Company in accordance with the provisions of the General Companies Law No. 19,550, the Capital Market Law No. 26,831 and the Regulations of the National Securities Commission. ​​

TitleNameClass of
shares representated
Chairman of the BoardPablo GonzálezCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorSergio AffrontiCLASS DOne fiscal yearNon Independent
DirectorRoberto Luis MontiCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorNorberto Alfredo BrunoCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorHoracio Oscar ForchiassinCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorIgnacio PerincioliCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorPedro Martín Kerchner TombaCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorElizabeth Dolores BobadillaCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorRamiro Gerardo Manzanal CLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
Director Héctor Pedro RecaldeCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorCelso Alejandro Jaque CLASS D One fiscal yearIndependent
DirectorDemian Tupac PanigoCLASS AOne fiscal yearIndependent
Alternate DirectorGerardo Damián CansecoCLASS DOne fiscal yearNon Independent
Alternate DirectorGuillermo Rafael Pons CLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
Alternate DirectorAdrián Felipe PeresCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
Alterate DirectorSilvina del Valle CórdobaCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
Alternate DirectorMiguel Lisandro NieriCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
Alternate DirectorMaría Eugenia Tulia SnopekCLASS DOne fiscal yearIndependent
Alternate DirectorMaría Martina AzcurraCLASS DOne fiscal yearNon Independent
Alternate DirectorSantiago Martínez TanoiraCLASS DOne fiscal yearNon Independent
Alternate DirectorSilvia Noemí AyalaCLASS DOne fiscal yearNon Independent
Alternate DirectorSantiago ÁlvarezCLASS DOne fiscal yearNon Independent




The Supervisory Committee supervises the compliance by the Board of the General Companies Law, the statutes, the applicable regulations and the resolutions of the Shareholders Meeting. ​​

TitleNameClass of
shares representated
MemberHoracio Ubaldo Kunstler CLASS AOne fiscal year
MemberRaquel Inés OrozcoCLASS DOne fiscal year
MemberFrancisco Daniel González CLASS DOne fiscal year
Alternate MemberEnrique Alfredo Fila CLASS AOne fiscal year
Alternate MemberHebe CeresetoCLASS DOne fiscal year
Alternate MemberSilvia Alejandra RodríguezCLASS DOne fiscal year