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Audit Committee

Chairman and Financial ExpertIgnacio PerincioliIndependent
MemberNorberto BrunoIndependent
MemberEmilio Guiñazú FaderIndependent

If you want to inform the Audit Committee of YPF S.A. on issues related to accounting, internal controls over accounting and auditing that affect the YPF Group, you can do it here​​

We guarantee the confidentiality and anonymity of all people who make communications.

Additionally, employees of the YPF Group who, in good faith, send communications to the Audit Committee, either anonymously or voluntarily making their identity known, will enjoy the protection provided by Sections 806 and 1107 of the Sarbanes Oxley. Act, which provide for both civil and criminal actions against anyone who adopts any kind of reprisal against employees who provide information related to breaches of the rules on the aforementioned matters. ​