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YPF participates of B20

We lead Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability ERES Task Force

We, the Task Force on Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability (ERES) of the B20, are aware of our shared responsibility to ensure continued momentum towards sustainable global energy production and consumption. Building on the general acceptance of the Paris Agreement we propose to the Argentinian G20 Forum the following five actionable recommendations to achieve energy sustainability:

1. Accelerate transitions to a lower carbon future

The G20 should favor the substitution of high carbon fossil fuels by cleaner energy sources.

Policy Action for Renewables: Implement a national plan to accelerate renewable penetration and interconnected power systems, maximize private participation to address storage and distribution challenges, favor flexible energy system digitalization and demand response management and adress financing for renewables and complementary infrastructure.

2. Realize the potential of energy efficiency

The G20 must promote a set of energy saving and emissions reduction incentives for business, industries and households.

Policy Action: Reward schemes for energy savings and energy efficiency, incentive research programs for new technologies, implement dynamic pricing and promote sustainable mobility systems.

3. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, clean and sustainable energy

The G20 must create on-grid and off-grid solutions for underserved communities.

Policy Action: Customize community-centered solutions based on national plans and sustainable business models.

4. Promote Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy

The G20 must encourage the business community to circular economy models.

Policy Action:Identify barriers to transitions from linear to circular economies, share best practices, promote innovation, start-ups and pilot programs, implement and reward innovative measuring systems.

5. Realize adaptations and mitigation to climate change with a focus on developing jobs and creating infrastructure:

The G20 must contribute to strengthen climate resilience.
Policy Actions: Increase predictive capabilities through mathematical modelling and evaluation scenarios, mainstream adaptation into national plans, promote effective financial mechanisms to overcome gaps in investments.



may 28 - 29

Joint Task Force Meeting in París

OCDE Conference center
2 Rue André Pascal, 75016 Paris, Francia.

8.30 AM - 18.30 PM

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june 12- 14

June 14th - ERES Task Force Meeting in Bariloche

Alma del Lago Suites & Spa Hotel
Av. Bustillo Km 1.151, Cto Chico, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro.

9.30 AM - 15.00 PM

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