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We focus our energy on doing the right thing at all times.

At YPF we firmly believe that having a Compliance Program creates a stronger ethical and sustainable organizational culture.

We believe that integrity is our most valuable resource and we focus our energy in doing the right thing all the time.

We have designed a Compliance Program which goal is to create awareness throughout the organization about the importance of ethics and compliance, in line with legal requirements and best practices.

We make sure that every member of YPF knows the meaning of:
• Behaving ethically
• Acting in compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Integrity Policies.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is the key pillar of our Compliance Program.
All YPF employees and directors receive a copy of the Code and are required to adhere to it.
The Code is a way to express how we want to live our values and how we want to develop our activity.
Our Code applies to all of us at YPF (employees and directors), as well as YPF´s subsidiaries, wholly-owned companies, their respective contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, and other “business partners” and their respective members who carry out business with our company, whether directly or on behalf of us and on our account.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Important Principles of our Code of Ethics and Conducts

• Our goal is to be a leader in ethics and compliance.
• We aspire to be proud of our high integrity standards.
• Ethics is an integral part of our business.
• We expect everyone who acts in our name to have high ethical standards.

Communication and training

We communicate our expectations through in-person training sessions and e-learning modules.
Our employees take part in online training sessions, which include different role-playing exercises to help our employees make ethical decisions in their day to day business activities. They also have access to the intranet where they can visit the “YPF Ethical Space” with more information and other resources.
Moreover, our values, complaint channels and key concepts of our Code of Ethics and Conducts are communicated with posters, plots and videos throughout internal spaces on our offices and buildings.

Our values

We act with integrity

We work ethically, transparently and honestly. We share accurate and reliable information. We are responsible and honor our commitments.

We create value

We deliver results in an efficient and sustainable way. We are innovative and agile, continuously improving our processes. Teamwork and professionalism are essential in obtaining results.

We prioritize safety

We protect people and their environment. We look after the company’s information, assets and reputation.

We are committed to sustainability

We respect the characteristics that make us unique as people, promoting plurality and inclusion as the pillars of the company’s success and of the full development of its members.

We focus on the client

We aim to get to know and understand the needs of our customers, and add value to them with comprehensive, economically- viable energy solutions, through quality products and services. We continually strive to evolve and offer better experiences.

We value gender equality and diversity

We respect the characteristics that make us unique as people, promoting plurality and inclusion as the pillars of the company’s success and of the full development of its members.

Ethics Committee

It is responsible of promoting our policy concerning the highest standards of quality with regards to the principles and values we promote. Ethics are an integral part of our activities, which is why we care not only about the results we get, but also how we obtain them.


Our Compliance Department is headed by our Chief Compliance Officer.
It is an independent and autonomous team, responsible of creating awareness of ethics and compliance throughout the organization.
The Department is committed to continue deepening the organization´s integrity culture.

Complaint channels

We incentive our employees to speak up and make themselves heard when they are facing a behavior or situation that does not seem right.

Our Ethics Hotline is a communication channel to report situations and/or behaviors which might constitute a real or potential violation to our Code of Ethics and Conduct:

Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.
User: YPF
Password: 1922YPFArgentina

YPF guarantees safety, confidentiality, the choice to remain anonymous and that no type of retaliation will arise against those using the Ethics Hotline in good faith.